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Be Cool Bands from Help You Live

The Be Cool Band

The neck band that will help get you through the heat!

Just chill our popular Be Cool Band in water and it's ready to provide you hours of refreshing, cool comfort!  Simply place it along the back of your neck and secure loosely.  The moist, cold band provides long lasting, evaporative cooling to your skin through the cotton cover. 

We have had many satisfied customers with this product!  It can be surface-washed and stored in your refrigerator or work cooler for quick access to cool comfort.  Dry completely and store when not needed:  this band will provide you cooling comfort over and over!



Be Cool Bands are available during every season and can be custom-made based on your chosen theme or color!  Ask about our sports-related themes 

Price: $5 each or 6 for $25!  FREE SHIPPING!

Be Cool Band
5.00 USD
Fabric Choices
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Be Cool Band (6 Pack)
25.00 USD
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