Body Wrapper Hot Cold Pack

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A Hot or Cold Pack that Moves With You!

Unlike other hot & cold rice bags or packs on the market, the unique Help You Live Body Wrapper can be used while you are working, relaxing, sitting at the computer or doing chores!  Just tie and go! 

These are great for lower back pain from over-use, arthritis or pregnancy.

The Body Wrapper is approximately 6 x 60 inches long (including belt) and will tie around the neck, shoulders, back, waist, etc., allowing for freedom of movement while the rice bag stays in place where you need it most. 

The multi-channel, inner rice bag is 6 x 18 inches and fully removable from the soft fleece cover, which is hand-washable.

Price: $25

Body Wrapper
25.00 USD
Fabric Choice

Mommy & Me Body Wrapper

Help You Live Soothing Body Wrapper for Mommy and Me

The inner bag is cotton and contains 100% American-grown long grain rice in a double channel design to maintain even distribution.  Simply heat the Body Wrapper in the microwave or freeze the bag and use it cold!

Available as an individual Body Wrapper or as a matching Mommy & Me set.  This comforting Body Wrap makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion! 

Price: $30

Body Wrapper Mommy & Me
30.00 USD
Fabric Choice

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